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Gemma Redmond

Gemma Redmond is the owner and founder of Gemma Redmond Vintage - an online boutique selling designer and finely crafted pieces of vintage costume jewelry. She is based in North West England and was born in the early eighties. Encouraging others to celebrate the uniqueness of vintage costume jewelry by wearing it anytime and anywhere, is something that Gemma is passionate about. She writes a blog which aims to extoll the virtues of wearing vintage fashions in contemporary ways and she shares vintage jewelry styling ideas through Instagram. Established in 2014, her business is gradually building a name for itself with her pieces featuring in magazines, such as the Sunday Times Style, and being worn by UK celebrities. Keen to share the wonderful world of vintage costume jewelry with all, she is currently working on the launch of a collector’s group. Gemma sells her jewelry at antiques and vintage shows across the UK and she has just launched an Etsy store. Additionally, Gemma sells through the online vintage platform ‘Open for Vintage’ and has been invited to open her boutique on 1st Dibs. 

Describe your style?

My style is generally contemporary with a vintage twist. I enjoy selecting pieces with modern design details - a striking print, bold cut, unusual fabric - and combining them with vintage items. I like it to not be clear what’s old and what’s new in my outfit. Occasionally, I’m trend led if something really moves me - at the moment I’m loving embroidery and frills! When choosing clothes, I’m always motivated by what would work well as a back drop for my vintage costume jewelry collection. Although he only worked at the house for a relatively short period of time, Raf Simons creations for Christian Dior epitomizes great style for me.

What 5 things do you think every woman should have in her closet?

A white silk blouse. Indigo denim jeans. A black blazer. Hi-top sneakers. A cross-body bag.

What are you jewelry box essentials?

A classic watch. Minimal and statement rings for stacking. A single stone pendant necklace to layer with other pieces. Diamond/rhinestone stud earrings. An heirloom piece of vintage costume jewelry.

Gemma Redmond

How do you feel about vintage? Have you always worn it? New to it? Who introduced you to it? Are you hooked?

My love for vintage began when I purchased a pair of 1950s Kramer earrings to wear with an evening dress on a cruise. I wanted to find out more about them and so purchased Judith Miller’s Costume Jewelry Guide. The book opened my eyes to the fabulous array of designers, styles and time periods that you can acquire pieces from and learn about. I found it instantly fascinating how the pieces could convey so much about eras in which they were made and enjoyed the romanticism of wondering about who might have owned the jewelry. I began buying pieces online and visiting fairs and was immediately addicted not just to buying vintage jewelry, but to sourcing vintage clothes, accessories and items for my home too.

Do you collect anything?

Yes, vintage costume jewelry! It’s great to be able to say that my collecting hobby is also my business. However, sometimes it’s difficult to part with pieces because I only buy what I love!

Diamonds or pearls?


Go big or go home or stylish simplicity?

It depends on the occasion and my outfit - I’m a fan of both schools of thought.

Purses or shoes? Heels or flats?

Purses and Flats.

Online Shopping or Brick and Mortar?

I love online shopping. I find it works best with my lifestyle, as I don’t always have time to visit the high street for fashion. I’m based in the countryside too, so I can’t always easily access my favourite shops and boutiques. Online means I can visit any of the stores I like and at a time that works for me. Also, when items arrive I can try them on in the comfort of my own home and see if pieces work with the things I already own.

Most meaningful style related purchase and why?

My bright blue Celine Trapeze bag. To me it represents the perfect bag - the design, colour and versatility is just exceptional and I can’t believe I own one. The bag was one of the first high-end designer items that I purchased for myself. I bought it to reward myself for the hard work I’d put in to establishing my business and to congratulate myself for making the choice to change careers. It’s nice because it also reminds me of a special time too - I bought it in Venice whilst on holiday with my parents.

Secretly Coveting?

Zara’s green floral print kimono A Lady Dior bag with customised strap Finery’s Lotus dress Vintage Meet Modern’s Ciner Mogul Bracelet

Celebrity or Style Icon you admire?

At the moment, I love the style of both Giovanna Engelbert and Alicia Vikander. Their looks always seem attainable, with a dash of something quirky, and modern, with a nod to the past. They generally wear such lively patterns and colours too - seeing an image of them makes me happy. My style icon is Audrey Hepburn - she had such an a beautiful wardrobe and, again, pictures of her are so joyous to look at. The clothes she wore were made twice as wonderful because of her elegance and marvelous smile.

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Jenny Gibson
Jenny Gibson

June 08, 2017

Congratulations Gemma a lovely feature by Vintage Meets Modern. ??

Vannessa Vinos
Vannessa Vinos

June 07, 2017

Loved the interview especially as Gemma is a fellow Brit ;-)

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