September 06, 2017

Samantha Rogers, vintage scarf, scarf collection

Continuing with our scarf theme, this week we're so excited to bring you our featured Women Crush Wednesday, Samantha Rogers, who is known for her scarf collection!

Describe your style?

Every day is a different Spice Girl.

What 5 things do you think every woman should have in her closet?

1. Lots of Scarves

2. The perfect white t-shirt

3. Boyfriend jeans

4. A pair of shoes that sparkle

5. A fabulous sweater

What are you jewelry box essentials?

Big earrings, my engagement ring and necklaces my daughter makes me.

Samantha Rogers, vintage scarf, scarf collection

How do you feel about vintage? Have you always worn it? New to it? Who introduced you to it? Are you hooked?


Ever since I was a little girl playing in my grandmothers closet, vintage has been a part of me. I seek it out in stores and still want to hold onto items my mother is ready to get rid of. Vintage fashion and jewelry speaks to my soul.

How do you incorporate vintage into your modern day style? 

I have a lot of pieces from my family. My great grandfather was a jeweler and his pieces are lovely. But, I also collect vintage scarves and clothes. I love wearing boyfriend jeans, a white t-shirt ad my turquoise St. John knit jacket with big gold buttons. Its fabulous!

Do you collect anything?

I have a scarf collection.

Diamonds or pearls?


Go big or go home or stylish simplicity?

Go big, or go home.

Purses or shoes?


Heels or flats?


Online Shopping or Brick and Mortar?

Both in equal measure

Most meaningful style related purchase and why?

A 1970’s Black Lace Oscar De La Renta cocktail dress that I wore to the cocktail party just before my wedding ceremony. I still wear it anytime I have occasion to dress up (wish I could say the same about my wedding dress).

Samantha Rogers

Samantha Rogers

Secretly Coveting?

This bold DEC Delizza and Elster butterfly pendant and this massive Chinese Dragon statement necklace!

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