1930's Baltic Amber Beauty Necklace


A very unique artisan made Amber Necklace from the 1930s.  This rare piece is strikingly beautiful with gorgeous pieces of amber. Each Piece is a half cylinder, curved in the front and flat against the back
Gorgeous natural inclusions with deep amber color, honey and caramel undersones
Each piece of amber is cut perfectly, and each one the same size and shape
Recently appraised by a jeweler, he said that it would have take a true craftsman to carve the amber so perfectly and that in all his years he had never seen pieces cut like that
The chain is also silver wire but it has been curved and crafted to be a four point circle interlocking and scrolling.



circa 1930s
Artisan Made 
Silver Chain is lower grade silver, possibly 800
Genuine Baltic Amber
The piece is in excellent vintage condition, no dents, no curves, and no scratches to the amber


15-17" Long J Hook Closure
7 Pieces of Amber
Each piece of Amber is 1" x 1/2"

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