1940's Flamenco Dancer Pins by Coro


Pair of Flamenco Dancer Pins
A true rare find from the 1940s
The pair is part of a collection of tiny enamel figural pins depicting natives of various countries, produced in 1940 and featured in "Women's Wear Daily" publication. Each country has a male and female dressed in native costume, and each set is supposed to be worn together.

This set is comprised of a handsome male dancer dressed in red with black pants. He also has a green sash.

The elegant woman has a bright fiery red dress with layers of ruffles. She is turned sideways with dress in hand. She has a green sash and some lovely accent rhinestones.

These pieces are featured in Carol Tanenbaum's book, "Fabulous Fakes"
The version shown in her book are wearing purple.


1940s era
unsigned Coro
Overall excellent Vintage Condition
Very Light enamel wear
no missing rhinestones, no missing paint to the faces.
It is rare to find both pieces together
and in such excellent vintage condition


Both Pieces are about 2" Tall

The woman is 1 1/4" Wide and the male dancer is 1 1/8" Wide

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