Estee Lauder Couture Clear Lucite Wide Cuff Bracelet


A bold wave of distinction
Rare, collectible, and coveted bracelet by Estee Lauder
For a lucite collector, this piece is a dream come true
Bold, sculptural wave design
And of course, it goes with everything
From a collectors piece this is a very rare piece, as Estee Lauder is of course famed for make-up and skin care line but few know that for a short period of time in the 1970s she designed clothes and accessories, all to compliment the classic Estee Lauder Style, of course
All of the pieces were produced in limited qualities and this piece is in pristine condition


1970s Era
Designer signed EL for Estee Lauder
Clear lucite
Open Back cuff style
Excellent vintage condition


6.5" diameter
2" Wide

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