Rose Guilloche and Rhinestone Pendant Necklace


Rose Guilloche Pendant Necklace
Lovely Hand Painted Enamel Rose in soft shades of pink set against a pearl white background
Surrounded by Sparkling Brilliant Rhinestones and set in soft gold tone
Dainty Darling is from the 1950s 1960s Era and is an ode to the Victorian Revival

Why is Guilloche Jewelry Special? (Phonetically it is pronounced gee-oh-shay)

It is named for the French engineer "Guillot." He invented a machine that would scratch intricate patterns and designs on metallic surfaces. Many people refer to the pattern as guilloche but the word technically refers to the process.
During the process, translucent enamel or fused glass is applied over a metal surface which has been engraved in some way - very often with a spirograph design.

The technique as it pertains to jewelry making involves carving a design into a base metal. After this carving, the guilloche pattern is then sometimes filled with different colors and opacities of enamel paint. After enameling, decorative accents such as hand-painted roses may be added to an item.

Many designs are used but the most common one involves flowers, often roses like the one we have in our shop in the colors of pink and white.


1950s 1960s Era
Gold tone setting
Rhinestones around pendant
Excellent vintage condition


18" chain

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