Vintage Huge Silver Rose Brooch


Wearing this vintage flower brooch, like a rose you will bloom without a reason, or an explanation; you will bloom because you are meant to bloom. A stunning flourishing flower set in stone using a silver tone setting. Its antique silver body makes it timeless and eternal in many ways. So you can relish this eternal rose on your jacket, coat, or shirt; adding a significant level of charm to your appearance. 

Show off this spring inspired vintage flower brooch with any formal or casual range. As its subtle and elegant beauty will instantly add to any setting without overpowering your style. Showing off your personal sense of style in a charming and elegant way. Our one of a kind vintage flower brooch might have been crafted decades ago, yet like an eternal rose it holds excellent vintage condition. 

3 1/4" from top to bottom
2 1/4" from side to side

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