Vintage Pearl and Marquise Diamante Statement Earrings

Make a standout statement with these stunning pearl vintage earrings. These diamante crystal earrings feature a vintage crystal earrings setting, that is topped with faux pearls. Creating a subtle yet powerful design statement that adds a timeless charm to its appearance. These clip-on vintage crystal earrings are the perfect fit for you, so you can enjoy a charming and comfortable accessory that adds to your overall style.

These polished faux pearls clip-on's come with elegant and subtle design; topped with sparkling beads and a brushed gold bed. The collaboration of these materials is simply fabulous, much like your personality. Allowing you to easily pair them with any formal or casual appearance; so you can enjoy these vintage earrings that come in an excellent condition.

1" from top to bottom
5/8" from side to side
1 - 7/16" faux pearl
1 - 1/4" faux pearl
2 - 1/8" round diamante crystals
1 - 5/8" marquise diamante crystal

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