Collection Sneak Peek: Flattering & Fashionable

May 16, 2020

Vintage Meet Modern’s Flattering & Fashionable Jewelry Collection offers a variety of vintage brooches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to help women piece together their unique style. This collection is dedicated to women who want to adjust their style by keeping it fresh and fun!

Great style is well-balanced. That is a principle we celebrate here at Vintage Meet Modern and the tenant I hold close while we curate each collection.

Whenever we open a drawer of vintage jewelry at VMM, there are always many “oohs and ahhs.” It’s hard to resist the shine, the sparkle, and the statements the pieces make.

We get a bit of a rush thinking about all the ways you could wearone piece! And sometimes, you might feel like you need a bit of strategy to pull it all together...and that’s where I come in as your personal stylist and vintage jewelry expert!

I felt this way a few weeks ago when I was putting together a puzzle with my children. All of the pieces were there, but how would we put it all together? Each of my children had their own way: one started on the edges, one loved to use the box as a guide, and another wanted to sort all the pieces out before she started to put it together.

Flattering and Fashionable Vintage Jewelry
Flattering and Fashionable Vintage Jewelry

It’s amazing how similar many of us approach getting dressed in the morning.  

Vintage jewelry is really special because each piece can easily solve a style puzzle, and it can also become part of your signature style without being over the top.

At VMM, we make getting dressed in the morning fun, and we always offer jewelry to complement your look in a flattering and fashionable way. It really is simple to piece your overall look together, and we will show you how!

Currently, I’ve been hard at work curating collections with vintage jewelry hand-picked specifically with you in mind. I’ve been completing my “homework on the pieces,” including learning about them and of course exploring how they can be worn.

Even if how we dress day-to-day has shifted, stylish women believe in adjusting their style storynot abandoning it! Like a jewelry puzzle with 1,000 pieces, they can figure it out, and you can too.

Flattering and Fashionable Vintage Jewelry
Flattering and Fashionable Vintage Jewelry
Flattering and Fashionable Vintage Jewelry

Our passion is to bring you elevated vintage jewelry that empowers you to complete your look. Our commitment to helping you look and feel your best through every piece we select is unwavering. For those of you who get excited over each collection, we share the same excitement over each piece and all the possibilities they offer. If you are new to VMM, we can’t wait for you to experience some of this magic too!

This week’s collection comes with an added bonus: an invitation to work with me the stylist and the curator of VMM. I’ve had the honor of styling women all over the world, and well-respected brands have trusted me to show their customers how easily vintage can be incorporated with the modern look.

This week’s collection is debuting before one of the most special events I have ever planned! I’m hosting anonline style masterclass devoted to going beyond the basics May 19 at 7 p.m. CST.

Many people ask me what the secret is to looking your best and feeling effortlessly chic. It’s not really a’s more of a formula.I know you are going to love this week’s collection, and you’ll find the perfect piece for your puzzle and one part of your fashion formula!

Once you do, don’t forget to enroll in our style masterclass. Even if you can’t join us live,be sure to grab your ticket here. We’ll send you the replay along with invaluable resources you can refer back to.  

As always, even the most style-confident woman will learn something new. I promise you that it’s an absolutely amazing opportunity to connect with other style mavens from all over the world! These wonderful women share the same desire to look and feel their best while making the world a better place.

I can’t wait to see what you choose from our new Flattering & Fashionable Collection, and I look forward to meeting you in our upcoming style masterclass!


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