April 24, 2020

Vintage Meet Modern’s Make A Memory Jewelry Collection offers a variety of unique vintage brooches, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that will inspire you to surprise a loved one with a thoughtful gift! This collection is dedicated to helping you send a little love to someone who needs it or treat yourself to a piece (or two) of gorgeous vintage jewelry.

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection

Surprise and delight!Can we agree that it’s an amazing feeling to give or receive an awesome, thoughtful gift? Everyone could definitely use a little more surprise and delight in their lives.

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection
Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection

Before the first piece of jewelry was ever even sold at VMM, I had already made a conscious decision that I wanted each piece and every order to go out feeling like it was the “Best Gift Ever”...even if you were gifting it to yourself!

These were my requirements for you:

  1. The piece must be special. We would never put anything in our collection that was simply “blah.”
  2. The box had to have satin ribbonlike the most luxurious stores.
  3. Every order received would receive the same special treatment. Luxe packaging would be included in every order.
  4. The ribbon had to be tied with a signature knot.(If you have ever received more than one order from VMM, you know the ribbon is knotted a certain way!)
  5. A tag must be on top of the box that might remind you of a tag you received on a Christmas present or like the enclosed card on a flower delivery.
  6. A handwritten note on your packaging slip like a personalized card or letter—just for you!

You are a celebration & life is a celebration, too! Sometimes the smallest things can literally bring us the greatest joy, so every piece of vintage jewelry is a gift.

I wanted you to remember the experience because I know so many of you wear vintage jewelry because it reminds you of a special person or occasion. I frequently tell the story of how I fell in love with vintage jewelry. It was because of my grandmother and how elegant she always looked in her pearls. When she passed away, I asked for her pearls. When I received them I was in 8th Grade. They were not presented in a box with ribbon or a card, but I felt like I had received one of the most amazing gifts ever! A piece of her got to live on with me...and for many generations to come. Many of you know, every time I feel down I wear her pearls. On every important milestone in my life, including my graduation from high school and college, I wore her pearls. And sometimes, I even just open up my jewelry box and look at them, and they still truly feel like “the best gift ever.”

Fast forward to when I was in my 30s, and I was in the beginning stages of starting VMM, I received another “gift.”

My grandmother was an avid jewelry collector and wearer even though what I remembered most about her were her pearls. Two decades later I came to find out that her collection of jewelry (including designers like Miriam Haskell, Kenneth Jay Lane, and Art Deco Pieces) passed down to her was still intact and was bequeathed to me. Many of those special pieces remain in my personal collection.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching and anytime being a good time to send a little love to someone special, I wanted this week’s collection to be a reflection of happy memories and luxurious gifting.

We picked these pieces with you and the people you love in mind.

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection

Here are a few of my favorites...

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection

Brooches for everyone.I love to give brooches because they fit everyone, and they are hard to find most places which makes them special. Vintage brooches have an aura of regality and sophistication, so they are perfect to give and receive.


Earrings always fit.I love gifting earrings because they also always fit, and they complement someone’s face. A great pair of earrings can really highlight your eyes and smile. Plus we have earrings of all different styles: modern classics, statement earrings, pops of colors, and more!

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection

Fun and forgiving necklaces. Necklaces can be tricky to give and receive, but I have rounded up some necklaces that are fashionable and forgiving in the sense that they are adjustable. With more options on length, the more comfortable you will be, the more you will wear and enjoy these treasures.


Iconic retro styles from bubble beads to dress clips and popular 50s and 60s motifs, this collection is a true retro-loving gal’s cup of tea, which is always a hit to give and receive. You will be delighted to see the look on someone’s face when they open a piece and say “where did you find this, I haven’t seen a piece like this in years!” or when you experience wearing it yourself. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we open ourselves and say “Oh yes - this is just what I was looking for, just how I remembered, or just the perfect piece to finish my look.”

Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection
Beloved Adornments Vintage Jewelry Collection
Dress Image via Pinterest
Jewelry via VMM

I can’t wait for you to see the entire collection—you are going to love it!

Do you need help picking the perfect gift? We can help with that too. Just send us a message athelp@vintagemeetmodern.com with the subject line “Need the Perfect Gift”!


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