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Marilyn Monroe, Old Hollywood Glamour, Statement earrings, chandelier earrings

vintage earrings, statement earrings, jewelry essentials


Marilyn Monroe, Old Hollywood Glamour, Statement earrings, chandelier earringsMarilyn Monroe, Old Hollywood Glamour, Statement earrings, chandelier earrings

Marilyn Monroe, Old Hollywood Glamour, Statement earrings, chandelier earrings

Focus on the Face

Hi! Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Today, we are going to chat about earrings. The beauty of earrings is that anyone can wear them, they work with all hairstyles and all necklines and they draw instant attention to the face.

Earrings are the quintessential eye-catching accessory in a woman's wardrobe. They are also a great way to experiment with vintage and add a pop of color to your everyday look or a little extra sparkle for a special occasion. However, many women experience irritation when wearing earrings or are even allergic to certain metals that earring posts might contain.

Enter the Clip On Earring

Contrary to popular belief, clip on earrings can actually be made to be more comfortable that pierced earrings. For those with a metal sensitivity, clip on earrings don't irritate the ears. They also don't drag down the lobe, making statement earrings more wearable. And when you choose vintage clip on earrings, you are choosing to be unique and to wear something that no one else will be wearing!

As you shop for vintage earrings, it's important to know exactly what it is you are looking for in terms of style and closure.

Types of Clip On Earrings

Clip with Screw Back (or Comfort Clip Ons): With this style you can adjust the tension. They are the most comfortable, easiest to convert to pieced and a sign of a higher-end designer.

Paddle Back: The most common vintage closure. A wide, paddle-shaped hinge clip that folds up to attach tightly to the earlobe. A little known fact about the Paddle Back is that the tightness can be adjusted by loosening the center tab.

Friction Clips: These are quite comfortable as they utilize  a friction hinge as the mechanism, but they aren't seen in heavier earrings.


As I mentioned, one misconception about clip on earrings is that they can't be made comfortable to wear. But rest assured, clip ons can be as comfortable, or even more comfortable, than traditional pierced earrings. They don't cause metal sensitivity, they can be adjusted, and finally, you can purchase reusable earring pads to protect the lobe from the actual clip! Now read on for some styling suggestions...

How to Style Vintage Clip On Earrings 

Vintage earrings come in styles that range from simple studs, to dramatic chandelier earrings, to bold rhinestone statement earrings.

vintage earrings, statement earrings, how to style earrings

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Have you tried vintage clip on earrings? We'd love to hear about experience!

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Lovely earrings!

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