May 26, 2017

Veronica, the founder and owner here at VMM often gets a lot of strange looks when she tells people that she owns a designer and vintage jewelry collective. Common questions include:

  • Vintage? You mean those items collecting mothballs in my grandma's attic?
  • Isn't wearing vintage costumey? I don't want to look like I'm going to a Civil War reenactment.
  • If something is 20+ years old, how can I really wear it today?

And of course...

  • When shopping, how do I really know if something is truly vintage? And how do I know if its authentic?

So let's do more than debunk these myths. Let's completely kick to the curb the notion that vintage means moth balls. That its costumey and can't be worn by today's modern woman.

Many women count vintage as a critical part of their every day style, both in terms of fashion and accessories, as well as home decor. There are also woman who feel slightly intimidated by vintage and don't know where to shop for vintage. 

Let's start with the school of thought that vintage refers to those pieces collecting dust in Grandma's attic. Truthfully, one of the things we most adore about vintage and designer jewelry and accessories is that, when properly cared for, retain their original appearance. Don't associate vintage with old and outdated. Vintage is timeless and offers an opportunity to own something of great quality and craftsmanship. And if you continue to care for that piece, it will continue to look just as it did when it was first created! Vintage jewelry is here, its now and its a perfect way to incorporate timeless style into your every day style.

And if you are interested in incorporating vintage into your wardrobe, the first place to do it is with accessories and jewelry! These are pieces that will always fit, and when cared for will retain their quality and appearance.

Another myth we mentioned, is that vintage is costumey. That it pertains only to certain eras and themes. Here at VMM even some vintage jewelry that might be considered "costume jewelry", is very often designer. These statement pieces are the perfect way to elevate style and differentiate yourself by dressing in details. Truthfully, vintage is only costumey when worn head to toe. You can very easily incorporate a vintage scarf with a new handbag or vintage bracelets with modern pieces.

Next let's tackle the myth that Vintage is outdated and that if its not something that is currently in production that its no longer wearable or on trend. And this couldn't be further from the truth! Fashion is always influenced from the past and many vintage styles are considered classic pieces. It may be older than 20 years but classic = timeless.

So now you're ready to shop for vintage, but you're unsure of where to start. Or how to be sure that what you're purchasing is truly authentic vintage. First, the standard definition of vintage is something greater than 20 years old and technically out of production. But, although intimidating, finding and sourcing vintage is actually easier than you think.

  1. Ask questions: If you're working with a dealer, ask where the piece came from. When looking at a piece, make sure to turn the piece over and study the way it was made. Vintage pieces tend to have a great attention to detail.
  2. Work with reputable people: Here at VMM we pride ourselves on curating a hand-picked selection of pieces and all have been authenticated. All of our pieces are authentic vintage and Veronica has spent years studying how to tell dates, designers, influences, etc. This is the joy of the job for us and we are very proud to share the history of a piece!

Vintage is here to stay. So consider how vintage might work within your unique signature style and personality. And ask us questions! We are here to help!

Have you collected vintage pieces throughout your life? Do you have any favorites that are particularly meaningful? Are you just starting out? Share with us in the comments!!

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