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Caring for Your Engagement Ring

With June being the most popular month to get married, we thought it would be fun to kick off a series around the topic! Through our extensive experience, we are able to offer our expertise on all things related to wedding jewelry. More specifically, caring for your engagement ring and which is often the most important piece of jewelry a woman will own. 

Recently, our own Veronica Staudt had the privilege of being featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and contribute some tips to caring for this symbol of eternal love. Here, we'll take the time to expand further on a topic that's near and dear to our hearts.

Your Guide to Caring for Your Engagement Ring

Congratulations on one of life’s biggest celebrations -- you’re engaged!  This exciting and magical time is often marked with the symbol of eternal love: a ring.

While you’ll be eager to show off that sparkly new ring to your family and friends, it’s important to consider how you should care for your ring so that, like your love, it will last a lifetime.

Purchasing Insurance.

Upon receiving your engagement ring, your first thought probably isn’t, “Oh my goodness, what happens if it gets lost or stolen?”.  Insurance is often overlooked but is possibly the most important way to care for your ring.  After all, you have received one of the most important beautiful meaningful gifts of your life, intended to be treasured forever.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, according to National Jeweler, the average engagement ring in the U.S. now costs over $6,000.  It’s quite often the most expensive single purchase a person makes or receives besides a home or car.

A proper appraisal and insurance for its full replacement value won’t match your ring’s sentimental value, but at least you’ll have options should it require replacement. And often this type of insurance is not only affordable, but can be added to your homeowners or renters insurance.

VMM's top choices for insurance: Jewelers Mutual Insurance or State Farm.

Size does matter!

We’re not referring to your ring’s carat weight, but how the ring actually fits you. This is another important part of ring care. When a ring is too small it will spin, which increases the chances of damage, including chipped stones or stone loss, bent prongs, and dents and dings to the band.

A properly-fitting ring will slide on easily but will resist coming off.  If it takes two to three seconds to get it back over the knuckle, consider your ring a good fit.  It should require wiggling past the knuckle to pull it off.

During your lifetime, you may decide to have the ring sized up or down, which is not unusual.  Having your ring fit properly will bring you years of enjoyment.

Keep it Clean

Another important part of ring care is keeping it clean. Which means limiting its exposure to lotions, chemicals (even hairspray!), and dirt.  A small amount of dirt can scratch your ring. It may also get under the prongs and loosen the stone.   

Steer clear of harsh chemical cleaners or unbranded cleaners. We recommend an easy at-home solution: a quick soak in Dawn Dish Detergent, far away from the sink and open drains.  Simply use a gentle toothbrush to loosen surface dirt, then rinse in a small bowl of clean water, and you’ll have renewed your ring’s sparkle.

And with so many brides now selecting non-traditional engagement rings including sapphires, rubies, opals, and even turquoise, it's most important to select a cleaner that will not harm the stone. If you’re unsure how to properly clean your ring or are nervous about the stone or setting, your best bet is to take the ring to be professionally cleaned by a jeweler. We recommend having your ring cleaned professionally once a season or at least twice a year.  

Caring for Your Engagement Ring

Keep a Standing Date with your Jeweler

Ring care should include at the minimum a yearly check up with the jeweler. This is very important and provides proof to your insurance company that you have taken good care of your ring.  Your jeweler can save you the heartbreak of a lost stone simply by giving the ring an inspection, looking for bent prongs, chips to the stone, a loose stone, missing or damaged accents stones, and significant band wear.  A reputable jeweler sees damage that you might miss.  Be sure to have your ring inspected whenever you bring it to the jeweler for a professional cleaning.

Give Your Ring a Break

Most of us wear our ring every day, such that it becomes a part of us.  Your finger needs circulation from time to time, and in certain situations you shouldn’t wear your ring. If you suspect your stone is loose or it might be damaged, don’t wear it.  But you should also not wear your ring in circumstances where you are being heavy with your hands.  Remove your ring before gardening, swimming, heavy workouts, when moving, or doing heavy cleaning.  It’s even a good idea to remove your ring when performing kitchen tasks like cooking or baking, especially if you must submerge your hands in food.  

Storage and Care

Whenever you remove your ring, be mindful of how you store it.  Fortunately there are many beautiful storage solutions.  But most importantly, pick a place or holder that is always the same.  Nothing is worse than taking off your ring and only to panic later when you can’t find it. Ring holders and dishes are available in all styles and shapes. They offer the perfect place to store your ring when not being worn. Traditional crystal and porcelain ring dishes are pretty and practical, and they make the perfect gift for the newly engaged and can often also be found at common places to register for wedding gifts. Another popular place to store your ring is a jewelry box or even a box intended for your ring. 

Caring for Your Engagement Ring

Never Take your Ring Off in Public

While you should take your ring off in some circumstances, there are a few exceptions.  Do not take your ring off in public, especially public bathrooms. You don’t want to leave it behind or drop it down a drain.  

These are all important tips for the newly engaged and will keep your ring looking sparkling and new for a lifetime. After all, wear the dress once, but treasure the jewels forever.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need additional links or clarification.  

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Quianna Marie
Quianna Marie

June 14, 2017

Love all of these tips! I can’t wait to share this with future brides! THANK YOU!

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