Door Knocker Style Rhinestone Earrings by Panetta


Panetta Rhinestone Drop Earrings, Door Knocker Style, Clip On, Formal Black Tie, Designer Jewelry

High End Couture Style Earrings from the 1970s
Shiny Gold Tone with Sparkling Diamante Rhinestones
Diamond Shape Sits up Top by the Ears with a Pear or Tear Shaped Dangle

Excellent Vintage Condition

Panetta Jewelry is prized for its high quality and design.

Benedetto Panetta emigrated to the U.S. from Italy in 1901 and opened his establishment in New York City, NY in 1945 after having had his own jewelry shop in Naples, Italy where, with his skillful hands and creative mind, perfected jewelry with the use of platinum and gold for backings. He had also been one of the chief model makers and designers at Trifari before opening his own shop. Panetta produced fantastic jewelry, designs carved into metal with heavy sterling silver, silver plating, gold plating, and white metal backings. His jewelry was prong-set, hand-set, unfoiled, and contained exquisite details ranging from high quality rhinestones, simulated stones and pearls encrusted in Art Deco styles to the designing of enamel figural designs.

Panetta jewelry has the tradition of quality and the real look of fine costume jewelry that has been the hallmark of Panetta jewelry since the founder’s beginning. Mark: "Panetta with copyright symbol". Panetta jewelry of platinum and gold has equaled and frequently exceeded the look of other jewelry makers. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of the affluent have chosen to wear Panetta designs of costume jewelry rather than the genuine jewelry. The Penetta company went out of business in 1995. All Panetta jewelry is highly collectible.


2" Long
Clip Backs

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