Sunday at Sea Guy Buffet Silk Scarf Museum Replica Fine Art Collector Blue Purple Black


Sunday at Sea Guy Buffet Silk Scarf Museum Replica Fine Art Collector


Collectors piece by famous artist, Guy Buffet
Artistic Rendering of his painting "Sunday at Sea"
Portrays a waiter carrying champagne to a group of ladies seaside
Gorgeous shades of blue with black border

Many of Guy Buffet's works include renderings of Chefs or Waiters

Mr. Buffet in his own words says..."The people I worked with or those I waited on were a great source of inspiration and for learning about human nature and behavior. Although humoristic at times, my portrayals of chefs and waiters were never denied of candor and tenderness. I have spent 50 years painting and studying my surroundings and the world. Gratefully I can go into many restaurants worldwide and once the staff realizes I am there, they'll come to meet me and some will offer to pose on the spot! I never leave without making sure I sign some prints or make some drawings for them as I am so delighted by them all, and their food's not bad either."

This scarf is 100% silk with hand sewn rolled edges and was Made in Italy
It is bright and colorful with many shades of blue and purple with hints of aqua and turquoise, contrasted with black and brown neutral clothing on the people


35" Square in excellent vintage condition

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