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Meet our #WCW Shauna of Chic Over 50

Happy Wednesday and Welcome to our inaugural #WCW blog post.  Every week we are hoping to feature a woman that we are "crushing" on for a variety of reasons, their style, their life mission, their business or just because we find them truly inspiring.

This week we've connected with Shauna of the fashion and photography blog Chic Over 50.  Shauna's goal with her instagram and blog is to help older women look and feel their best.  We were drawn to this woman and her instagram feed because she has serious personal style.  She mixes vintage pieces in with modern pieces so effortlessly that we had to reach out to her and know more about her. The post that caught all of our attention was a post where she is wearing a vintage Escada jacket that she paired with ripped jeans, a tee and heels.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Shauna of Chic Over 50

Here are the questions we asked her and Shauna's answers:

VMM: Since we absolutely loved your post on the Escada jacket if you could elaborate on making vintage look new, Why did you want to make that jacket look chic 20 years later?

SR: I wanted to make the jacket work because of the price tag!!! :)

VMM: When you invested in the piece 20 years ago, what made you hold on to it?

SR: And what made me hold on to it again....was the price tag!

VMM: What is your personal style philosophy?

SR:  My style philosophy is first know your body-type and what works for you and then wear it with CONFIDENCE!!

VMM: What excites you in the fashion world?

SR: So many things excite me when it comes to fashion! I'm very much in to trends, but like to keep them age-appropriate too! I can't pin it down to any one thing, because I like too many things!!!!!!!

VMM: What are some of your influences in personal style choices today?

SR: I'm influenced by magazines mostly! I LOVE to get my Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and JCrew catalogs!!!! I often will pull them out to get outfit ideas.

VMM: How do you feel about vintage, and why vintage?

SR:  I LOVE a vintage look, but usually will mix it in to something modern. I'm not sure I would wear vintage from head to toe! I have a fabulous collection of designer bags that would be considered vintage!

VMM: What are your top 3 closet staples of what you own and why?

SR: My staples would be jeans, booties, and a great jacket!!!! I'm usually either in jeans, tennis clothes, or a dress! Jeans are more versatile because you can dress up or down.

The heart of the message is personal style is ALL about you, buy things you love know your body type and what works and wear it with confidence. Confidence ladies makes everything look magnificent.  

Always Sparkle,

For more on Shauna follow her instagram @Chicover50 and her Bloghttp://chicover50.blogspot.com/

Image credit: Chic Over 50

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Sonje Boles
Sonje Boles

October 13, 2016

Love the look! Here’s to being that classy now and when I reach 50!

Rick Rogers
Rick Rogers

June 19, 2016

Great blog and super site!

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