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Remember a couple weeks ago, when we debunked the vintage myth that vintage refers to those things collecting dust in your grandma's attic? Let's take that one step further today and chat about brooches. It really is unfortunate that brooches have gotten such a stodgy reputation, as they might be most versatile and underutilized accessories. While most jewelry is worn only in the way it’s intended, the styling possibilities for brooches are endless and can be matched to suit your personal style.

Now's the time to dust off any pre-conceived notions you may have of these pretty pins and give them a stab for yourself.

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Adding a few sparkly brooches to a denim jacket elevates your classic, casual wardrobe workhorse.

Clip a brooch to a belt, necklace, scarf or lapel. The options are endless!

Hack: Turn a brooch into a pendant - an indication that a brooch is of higher quality is when there is a hook present on the back to attach to a chain and wear as a pendant.

Other Ways to Style Brooches:

  1. Wear them in your hair to dress up a ponytail
  2. Clip them to the cuff of a dress shirt
  3. Pin them to your collar or coat
  4. Add a brooch to a hat or handbag
  5. Dress up your strappy heels with a pretty pin.

Shop all of our brooches here and please comment or reach out if you have any questions or need any additional information on anything you see!

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Elise Cohen Ho
Elise Cohen Ho

June 19, 2017

Cute ideas. I never would have thought to put a brooch on the back of a jacket.

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